Signs of Foundation Problems


Signs of foundation problems include cracks in brick, walls, and foundations in Dallas Fort Worth.

Think you have foundation issues?  How can you detect or spot the symptoms?  Our trained experts are ready to help.  We spot the signs, and then go looking for the causes. There are many causes of foundation problems in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas.  When the signs of foundation problems are spotted or detected early, repair cost is held to an absolute minimum.  

If you see any signs of foundation problems, you should contact Granite Foundation Repair today for a FREE foundation evaluation.  Phone 972-412-2171 (Dallas), 817-830-1381 (Fort Worth)

How do I know if I have foundation problems?

Here are signs of foundation problems that you can  look for:


  • Ceiling separation from the wall
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Ceiling trim separation
  • Doors stuck or sticking
  • Door frame askew
  • Fireplace cracks
  • Fireplace separation from wall or ceiling
  • Floor hump, sinking or upheaval
  • Floor tile cracks
  • Floor separation or noticeable ridge
  • Floor slope
  • Floor is ‘bouncy’ (wooden pier and beam house)
  • Garage floor unnaturally sloped
  • Kitchen or bath cabinet separation from wall or ceiling
  • Paneling or sheet rock separation at joints
  • Wall cracks
  • Wall separation from the floor


  • Wallpaper tears or wrinkles
  • Stuck windows
  • Broken bricks
  • Brick wall mortar joint separation
  • Brick wall movement or leaning
  • Brick wall expansion joint width widens at top
  • Uneven or separated caulk around window or door frames
  • Tilted chimneys
  • Concrete cracks in foundation
  • Stuck doors
  • Door frame separation from brick or trim
  • Patio or porch separation or rise/fall from house
  • Roof line uneven along top of roof
  • Stuck windows
  • Window frame separation from brick or trim
  • Window caulk separation
  • Wood trim separation or movement

Pictures of the early warning signs of foundation problems. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.

If you have seen some of these signs of foundation problems in your home, call us today. When caught early, you may not need extensive repairs – but you don’t want to take any chances. Left unattended, foundation problems get more expensive to repair.  Our experience is that 30-40% of the homes that we inspect need little or no foundation repair, but do need some type of corrective action. Some of the problems can be solved by drainage correction.

By recognizing the signs of foundation problems, you can prevent additional damage and costly repairs.

Don’t delay. Contact Granite Foundation Repair now.  Phone consultation and property evaluation with an expert is free, and can provide peace of mind.   Dial 972-412-2171 (Dallas area) or 817-830-1381 (Fort Worth area).


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