Foundation Repair Warranty


Steel Piers, Helical Steel Piers and Pressed Concrete Pilings carry a Limited Lifetime Transferable Foundation Repair Warranty that comes with an added Foundation Repair Warranty backed by an Independent Third Party Insurance Company. View the Warranty.

Complete terms and conditions of the Limited Lifetime Transferable warranty are on the Granite Foundation Repair contract.

For your protection, Granite Foundation Repair has contracted with StrucSure Home Warranty, one of the nations largest Home Warranty Companies for an additional level of protection for you.

In the unlikely event that Granite Foundation Repair is unable to honor its foundation repair warranty commitment with you, the Foundation Repair Warranty Policy assures that StrucSure Home Warranty will take care of costs associated with adjustments.

This Foundation Repair Warranty Policy is Administered by StrucSure Home Warranty and insured by Golden Insurance Company, a licensed insurance company.  Certain restrictions apply.

It is the intention of Granite Foundation Repair to lift as much as practical and stabilize the settlement of that portion of the foundation covered by the contract (the area where piers are installed) to within one (1) part in two hundred and forty (240) parts for the life of the structure. (1/4 inch settlement in five foot horizontal span or 1 inch in a 20 foot horizontal span).  Typically a foundation warranty covers the immediate area of the piers.

If Granite Foundation Repair is unable to perform warranty work for any reason, the foundation repair warranty  will be taken care of by StrucSure. Full terms and conditions are contained in the warranty instruction booklet. Piers installed on pier and beam houses are included, excluding pad and block.

It is important to note that both the Granite Foundation Repair and SturcSure Home Warranties are completely transferable during their warranty terms. This provides you with an additional marketing tool in the event you decide to sell your home and protects the buyer against future issues.